A Yard in Progress…

Moving into a brand new constructed home last November was great for us as first time homeowners.  There were no repairs to be made, just a blank canvas to transform into our own style and living space.  However, the yard… was a different story.

We obviously couldn’t do anything all winter, and just had to wait for spring and summer to start this huge task.  The front yard (and like three feet of the backyard) was sodded before moving in.  This is our back yard.  YIKES.  Combination of bad dirt. Bad crab grass. Dormant sod…. just … YIKES.  That beautiful green grass you see way off to the right side, would be the neighbor’s yard, not ours.
Never having owned a lawn before we were literally starting from scratch.  I have talked to 50 different people at Lowe’s for advice, I’ve read hundreds of websites… trying to figure out the best way to tackle this job.
We decided to seed the lawn a different kind of grass than the front lawn because it will grow and green seasonally faster than the other kind will.
Last weekend Billy spent most of Saturday raking up the lawn, then fertilizing, then seeding, then lots of watering.  We got fairly lucky as it rained an ample amount the following week, which I was hoping would allow us to see our little seedlings to start sprouting.  Though, no such luck.
Grow little seedlings…. GROW!

That was last weekend…. This week has been a little different.

The number one thing we have been so excited about for our house was getting our fence! I absolutely cannot wait to have a finished fence and finally be able to let Jackson run around and play without having to constantly chase him and worry he’s going to run into the streets.
The gigantic project has finally begun!

Jackson keeping his eye on the installers.



{Oh! I’ve been SPOTTED}



{This is better… now they can’t see me.}



Well [Day One] of the fence installation and here’s how it came along…

We did a Vinyl All American Dog Eared fence from Lowe’s.

Looks great and I know we are going to love it!  However… our lawn is NOT loving the process….Now where we had sod… we have concrete, ripped up grass, and dirt….
{big sigh}
more work for us after.
Not to mention… remember all the seeding and work we did last week?  Take a look at our lawn now…
Those little seedlings aren’t gonna handle this too well… Looks like another attempt at it after our fence is completed will be necessary.
{ahhhh being a homeowner}

It’ll all be worth it when I can show you guys a picture of me… feet up… margarita in hands… and Jackson running around playing with all his toys and enjoying the summer days!


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2 Responses to A Yard in Progress…

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  2. WOW! That is a lot of yard to grow there! But think of all the blogging you can do to keep us all informed on how you did it… Ugh…that is why I want a condo.. 🙂 Good Luck!

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