Garage Sale finds

Almost every weekend I wake up bright and early (to my two and half-year old who still cries to get up from bed… why, why can’t he just kindly say “momma I’m up come get me…) and get ready for my weekend days.  What do I do you ask?  99% of the time get ready to go out to either garage sales, thrift stores, or antique stores.  I LOVE LOVE checking these places out on a continuous basis just searching for that hidden gem.  I’m 100% convinced I’ll always find a diamond in the rough just waiting for me to give it a second life… I’ve only found a handful of items worth my purchase so far.  However last weekend I came across another piece I couldn’t pass up!
I rarely am willing to spend more than $10 for a specific item… and this was right up my alley.
This ADORABLE step stool! A whopping $3!
I have had a few different ideas for our third bathroom which just so happens to also be “Jackson’s bathroom”.  I would like to do a common middle ground decor that is guest friendly since it is also the bathroom our guests would be using when they come to town, but also I’d like Jackson to know its his bathroom over the next couple years.
One of my favorite ideas was “Vintage Mickey Mouse” theme… Jackson absolutely loves “ickyyyyyyyyyy” as he says, and his room is vintage cars so I thought it would carry through to his bathroom well.  However…. one big issue.  Have you ever seen vintage Mickey. {creepy}
I’m still not sure what the theme or decor will be….. but figured with a young boy you can’t go wrong with blue!

So just a few bucks got me this step stool that usually runs $26 at Target.  It has some bumps and bruises, but nothing a little sand paper wouldn’t take care of…
I grabbed the sand paper and rubbed off the first layer of paint and gloss and helped rub out some of those dents.
I used to use paint with brushes when I first started doing small projects like this… but quickly learned spray paint is so much easier!  I put on the first layer of primer… and then did about two more layers just to be sure it will leave a nice finish for the paint.
{One of my biggest challenges is I get “spray paint happy” when working on projects… I don’t leave enough drying time, or I spray way too much paint and it pools.  Slow and steady is the KEY with spray paint!}
Then came the paint… as said Jackson’s room is “antique” themed and his walls are a greyish dark blue.  He doesn’t really have any bright exciting colors in his bedroom, and that’s because that’s what I usually lean towards.  Initially I leaned for the can of navy blue for the step stool but decided a brighter blue would be a good change.
My $6 investment ($3 step stool and $3 can of spray paint) turned out great.
And no more dents or bruises
Nothing too exciting… but hearing my husband say he loves that I look for these types of projects rather than rushing to Target to buy the $26 step stool makes him happy {makes me happy}


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