Painted Night stand, My weekend DIY project

{All professionals started as amateurs}
I sit and repeat that to myself anytime I attempt a project for this first time.  I am always searching blogs for ideas, tips and advice on how to do various types of projects.
Anytime I start working on a project I get so nervous that I’m not doing it 100% correct and that I’m gonna mess it up.
But then usually the paint fumes get to my head and I quickly stop worrying and start having fun.

This was the second painted furniture project I’ve done, and the first “distressing” painting I’ve completed.
{and I LOVE the results!}

I’ve been searching for night stands for our bedroom since we moved into the house.  However, every nightstand I find I like, has a $200+ price tag
{and that’s just not going to happen}.
I did buy two from online that were about $80 and white, however next to our massive bed they just didn’t match.  Instead some lucky shopper on Craigslist will be purchasing those from me.

Now meet Chuck:
Chuck is ugly. But Chuck was only $24 at Goodwill!  {now that’s a price tag I like!}
I removed the knobs already, but they were just as ugly.
Chuck got 2 layers of spray paint primer,
(most people recommend sanding first but since there were so many grooves and details on the front I wasn’t about to attempt that)
I let him dry overnight just to make sure the primer was nice and dry.
{This took patience I didn’t know I had when doing DIY projects}
Next was painting.

Originally I was going to paint it white, but after noticing I didn’t have any white paint and antsy to continue working on the project I went with spare paint that we had left over, aka FREE!

The little roller and paint tray is sold for trims, and also touch ups.  But I know consider it my best friend for painting furniture! Made it SO easy and smooth.

Next step after painting was completed, was the distressing.
I was SO nervous to begin.  Taking sandpaper to a piece of furniture you’re hoping to keep and just finished a perfect paint job on is nerve wrecking.
I concentrated on areas that typically would be “high traffic areas” to make it seem more natural.  I then rubbed some wood stain on the sanded down areas to make them stand out more.
{don’t worry, Chuck didn’t feel a thing}
The last step was the knobs.  I originally had my heart set on clear crystal looking knobs but couldn’t find any at the craft store on sale, and only saw them at Target for $15 for 4 and I needed 6.  No way was I blowing my $24 project at this point and spending $30 on knobs.
Instead I spray painted the originals with white gloss spray paint and purposefully kept it a little uneven coverage to keep up with Chuck’s new distressed look.
After putting all of Chuck back together I was left with this beauty
Chuck is now Chuckerella, my bedside night stand.

Can’t wait to put some more perfect accessories on top!


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Mother. Wife. Social Mediaest (no political connection). Googler. DIYer. Wine Drinker. Laugher. DVRer. Get what I wanter. I've done a few quick blog entries thinking concentrating on one specific area would work for me. I've decided this time, I'll combine everything I love to do into one blog. You're gonna read some reviews, some DIY projects, some tips, some fails, and probably many adventures. Mainly, I just wanna provide to others what I constantly am searching for on the Internet. It's gonna be a learning process, but I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say along the way. CHEERS! Come by as you feel, leave comments, keep updated and I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I enjoy writing them.
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4 Responses to Painted Night stand, My weekend DIY project

  1. Frances says:

    Beautiful job Pamela. I love reading your stories. I think you should consider finding a job that would appreciate and use your creative writing skills. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Love ya

  2. Ashley says:

    Super cute Pammy! It turned out GREAT!!!! 🙂 Look at you miss DIYer, come home and teach me some tricks!

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