We’re moving….

I want to thank everyone that is a regular already for this blog!  It’s been fun and I continuously am looking for ways to make this grow.
I initially thought a WordPress.com blog was the best option… but it quickly has began to feel more like a studio apartment.  This pb&j family needs something a little bigger, something that allows it to have a little more personality.

So, we are in the process of moving.  Over the short time being hosted by WordPress.com I have began to look a little something like….
It’s very limiting in personalization unless you want to invest in more of a mansion type of dwelling.  Well, we’re more in the market for a three bedroom price range… so off to another neighborhood we go.

Just as you can forward snail mail, I will be forwarding this address to our new address once we are all settled in to make it less hassle for all of you!

Just think of this as “Save the Date” {without an exact date?} for our moving day.
It should be soon though, I’m just making sure all the details are fine tuned before we’ll be throwing the House Warming Party.


About stephens1431

Mother. Wife. Social Mediaest (no political connection). Googler. DIYer. Wine Drinker. Laugher. DVRer. Get what I wanter. I've done a few quick blog entries thinking concentrating on one specific area would work for me. I've decided this time, I'll combine everything I love to do into one blog. You're gonna read some reviews, some DIY projects, some tips, some fails, and probably many adventures. Mainly, I just wanna provide to others what I constantly am searching for on the Internet. It's gonna be a learning process, but I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say along the way. CHEERS! Come by as you feel, leave comments, keep updated and I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I enjoy writing them.
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