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Mother. Wife. Social Mediaest (no political connection). Googler. DIYer. Wine Drinker. Laugher. DVRer. Get what I wanter. I've done a few quick blog entries thinking concentrating on one specific area would work for me. I've decided this time, I'll combine everything I love to do into one blog. You're gonna read some reviews, some DIY projects, some tips, some fails, and probably many adventures. Mainly, I just wanna provide to others what I constantly am searching for on the Internet. It's gonna be a learning process, but I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say along the way. CHEERS! Come by as you feel, leave comments, keep updated and I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

It’s Moving Day…

See you over @ Advertisements

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We’re moving….

I want to thank everyone that is a regular already for this blog!  It’s been fun and I continuously am looking for ways to make this grow. I initially thought a blog was the best option… but it quickly … Continue reading

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Painted Night stand, My weekend DIY project

{All professionals started as amateurs} I sit and repeat that to myself anytime I attempt a project for this first time.  I am always searching blogs for ideas, tips and advice on how to do various types of projects. Anytime … Continue reading

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The Jackson zone

I think one of the hardest challenges all new parents find is how to handle all the clutter that comes with kids.  Kids come with A LOT of baggage!  I remember when Jackson was in his first year we didn’t … Continue reading

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An attempt at baking

Cupcakes have become such a HUGE fad over the past couple years it’s amazing the decorations people come up with!  It’s so fun seeing so many different recipes and ideas that people can create with tiny little cakes.  Some of … Continue reading

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Progress update of the yard

I won’t say it’s been easy. I think so far of the homeowner’s process… this fence and yard has been our largest challenge.  We had some hiccups with Lowe’s installation team in the beginning with the fence, but I let … Continue reading

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Oversized Letter DIY project

Another obsession of mine for home decor is oversized letters… like seen here or HERE! But the DIYer in me never wanted to spend all the money that those beauties cost…. so one day while Jackson and I were aimlessly … Continue reading

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