{How To’s for DIY’s}

I originally got this idea from Jamie, over at [kreyv] who has such amazing ideas for inexpensive costs! {right up my alley}

Easy simple steps:
(1) Use a favorite frame {mine of course were Michael’s with 40% off} [$8 each x 3 = $24]
*** Use a frame that has enough spacing that will allow for your letters to sit between the back and the glass
(2) Spray paint wooden letters with a satin/high gloss finish white spray paint
**I used small wooden letters I had left over from previous projects, however I know you can find them at any local craft store for under $10 [both on hand, $0]
(3) Spray paint the backdrop your desired color {I used Valspar Satin cappuccino spray paint}.  I simply flipped over the included “picture” with the frame and painted that for the background. [$4 spray paint]
(4) If desired, as I did, paint whatever included embellishment an alternate color.  I did a set of three frames, to word out “I ❤ U” across the three frames. [$0, used paint on hand]
(4) *CRUCIAL* Let dry over night before assembling.
[Total project cost, $28]

Then my perfectionist self took about a half hour to hang the three completed artworks in our master bathroom and I was left with this:



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